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8 months ago
The sheets at me, n I remember this part better than ne part, she reached down n pushed my face harder against her pussy!!! N she came instantly!!! All n my mouth n I loved the way her cum tasted!!! N to feel her body shuttering n shaking as she just lay there smiling down at me!!! I knew that I did something really good for her I my momma was always a beautiful n sexy woman, with a phat ass!!! N I would not of minded, nor ever regretted it, if we would of continued pleasuring each other for the
8 months ago
I remember when I was very young n I crawled up under my momma's sheets while she was sleeping!!! I mean I was like 3,or 4 yrs old, but I knew that she Washington sleeping naked, n I knew that I was going straight for that pussy!!! I destinkly remember it well!!! I put my face right up n it inhaled that sweet aroma of her beautiful little pussy!!! Then I stuck my lil tounge as far up n her pussy as I could reach!!! She jerked awake, but I kept my face buried in her pussy!!! As she looked under t
1 year ago
yeah I remember the first time I fucked my sister.. AWESOME.. she was hesitant to suck my dick at first, but by the 3rd night I was balls deep in her asshole :D and yeah she swallows :P just wish I coulda gotten mom in there some how, oh well -_0
2 years ago
Hmm--- this topic makes me curios.
2 years ago
if u had been my sister.... curiousity would not have been what was licking ur lil asshole & fucking the shit out of u each night... that would've been me, ur brother!
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