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Angel Long
Angel Long
Angel Long ain’t no angel, and we couldn’t be happier about that. This tall, leggy wonder blonde is one serious sinful bad girl who loves getting into trouble and fucking her way out of it. She’s a nasty little bird with a pussy and an asshole that always have to compensate for her big mouth. With her thick British accent, she can cat-call a cock to come out and play right in the middle of Piccadilly Circus in the middle of tourist season. Born in Swindon, a Southern England city known for its canals and train buildings, Angel could always imagine trains of dicks running through her genital canals. A super-tall, super-thin babe who rivals any runway model, with a fashion-mag-worthy face, Angel actually went to work in the real world before going porno pro. Oddly enough, she worked in construction and house painting of all things. Imagine all the hot porno scenarios dreamed up by her co-workers on a construction site, with all that drilling, hammering and screwing going on. Finally, she got into porn, diving headfirst into some of the most hardcore and sexually challenging genres out there. She can master two mega black dicks like an expert anaconda charmer. She can be the center of a gangbang like she was the conductor of a boner orchestra. Angel can swallow so much cum that she would break a jizz-detecting breathalyzer. Get a load of what we’re taking about by watching some of her hottest scenes below.
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Naissance: 1980-11-21
Lieu de naissance: Swindon, Wiltshire, England
Hauteur: 6 ft (183 cm)
Poids: 121 lbs (55 kg)
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