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Hitomi Tanaka
You know the expression, “the best of both worlds?” It’s like having your cake and eating it too. Well, if that doesn’t make sense, then how about this one: getting a sexy Japanese porn star and also giving her big tits! Now that is a combination made in paradise. Japanese sluts are infamous for their soft skin and sweet demeanor, even though they still love getting railed until it hurts. Normally they have petite little bodies. Take Hitomi Tanaka. She’s from the land of the rising sun, but she’s got a pair of chesty fun bags that could compete with any American busty blonde bombshell. Those tits hang perfectly when she’s bent over taking it from behind like a Japanese toy poodle, and don’t they bounce like basketballs during March Madness. That’s not all, because like every good Japanese slut, Hitomi’s got a pussy you’d kill to taste. Some guys would even walk barefoot across broken glass just to hear her snatch queef over a walkie-talkie. That’s because she isn’t shy in sporting that famous Japanese bush. Bury your face in her smooth, milky Asian thighs and that bush is like your second mustache… you want to wear it all day and smell her sex fumes. If Japan is one country famous for making lifelike sex dolls, then it’s no surprise that Hitomi Tanaka comes from such a place where the dirtiest minds make the hottest bodies. The secret? Just add big tits!
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Hauteur: 5 ft 1 in (156 cm)
Poids: 101 lbs (46 kg)
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