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Jessa Rhodes
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You’ve gotta love the horny teens counting down the moments until their 18th birthday, ready to blow out the candles and then get right down to blowing some dicks for the camera. Jessa Rhodes is just one of those girls who was destined to fill her holes for the public’s greater good as soon as she became legal. Take one look at her in action and you know her tits were just begging for the spotlight. Those perky little magic bubble B cups of hers are palm-fulls of pleasure. When she rides the cowgirl on a stud rocket, those tits jump up and down for joy. Jessa has also got that curl in her lip that lets you know she’s always thinking about releasing a trouser snake and domesticating it in her mouth. She comes from Portland, but she’s no hipster. The only trend she follows is the trend where it’s hip to get pussy stuffed a lot. But every good stuffing dinner needs an appetizer, and guys and gals go all drooly mouth when they go down and eat Jessa’s bright pink and shiny love pocket. For those who are truly the lucky elect, Jessa will sit her tight ass on a face and ease her butthole onto a nose. Try watching that with your hands by your side. We bet you’d have an easier time becoming a monk than resisting the urge to purge your gonads while Jessa Rhodes fucks her way to the top of your perverted mind.
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Naissance: 1993-06-29
Lieu de naissance: Portland, Oregon, United States
Hauteur: 5 ft 6 in (168 cm)
Poids: 121 lbs (55 kg)

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