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Kortney Kane
Classement Star du Porno
Kortney Kane brings the heat. When she walks onto the set, the collective testicular temperature shoots straight through the roof, and let’s not leave out how many pairs of panties she soaks up with sex fluids. That’s because with Kortney Kane you’re getting a top class model body and face mixed with a sleazy craving to get pummeled and pounded. Recently, Kortney has been crowned a Penthouse Pet of the Month, which surely cleared the magazine off the racks so fast you’d think Penthouse was becoming a rare collector’s item. Well, a rare gem Miss Kane is, and a quick peruse of her scenes will leave your eyes burning and your hands sore from handling such a hot commodity. She’s a self-proclaimed bikini expert and it’s no surprise why when you see how she fills out those spandex suits with her ginormous jugs and smooth melon-shaped ass. Just imagine stripping her down from that bikini and rubbing hot body oil up her thighs and between her butt cheeks, and you might just need to go change your pants. Kortney also loves fast cars and watching sports, so basically you’ve got every guy’s wet dream of the perfect fuck friend. Except real friends can’t handle dick like Kortney Kane can handle it. Who needs real friends anyways when you got video after video of Kortney letting all her holes get down and do the dirty work of easing our sex stress?
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À propos de
Naissance: 1986-07-31
Lieu de naissance: South Carolina, United States
Hauteur: 5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
Poids: 106 lbs (48 kg)

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