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Laure Sainclair
Laure Sainclair
Have you ever laid a French girl? If you’ve reamed one, you know French girls do it better. For the next best thing, fire up a scene on Pornhub with France’s own Laure Sainclair. A Euro porn icon, Laure is a dirty blonde – in all meanings of the term – who was big in the ‘90s and is still remembered and jacked off to, decades after her time in the spotlight. “I’ve always loved sex. Making porn films is like living a fantasy.” Those are words of wisdom from Laure, when asked about her life in skin flicks. “I love to show off, to dance, to take my clothes off in front of people. I’m a very sexual person.” Born and raised in a small town in France, she knew as a teen that she was an exhibitionist who loved showing off her tasty body, which led to her discovering the thrill of turning men on. At 19, she was modelling and stripping, and in her early 20s, with the support of and some coaxing from her boyfriend, she started starring in porno flicks. Laure primarily worked in Europe but gained a multitude of North American fans, thanks to companies like Wicked redistributing her work in America. Porno wasn’t just a job for Laure; it helped her become a completely idealized sexual person. She sucked lots of hard dick and took it hard up the ass, loving every second of it, and through her hardcore experiences, she discovered lady love. “I discovered my bisexuality on film. I had never made love to a woman before,” said Laure, on getting down with chicks. “Now I love it and get as much pleasure from sex with a woman as I do with a man… My favorite scenes to do are lesbian scenes. Especially when I’m having sex with two or three other woman at the same time.” Laure moved on from porno to try her hand at mainstream acting and singing; she even had a minor hit on the French pop charts, but we’ll leave her albums on the shelf and stick to her blue movies like sticky jizz on Laure’s lips.
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Naissance: 1972-04-24
Lieu de naissance: Rennes, France
Hauteur: 5 ft 3 in (160 cm)
Poids: 0 lbs (0 kg)
Classement hebdomadaire
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