Nicki Minaj
You might know her as Kanye’s Monster, Mariah’s Rival, or that girl from the islands who raps in pink colors. Chances are if you’re reading this, the only thing you care about is what Nicki Minaj would be like to fuck. Everyone’s been abuzz about her infamous sex tape. Although the pop star doesn’t talk too much about her stellar and sweat-filled fuck film, we bet she’s secretly proud of her outstanding performance. After a long career starting in Trinidad and Tobago, taking her to Jamaica Queens and all the way to winning Best Female Hip-Hop Artist at the BET awards in 2013, what next step would she possibly want to take other than pornography? Let’s hope that’s not just wishful thinking. Nicki may be a shorty when it comes to height, but she’s still got a famous black booty so sweet, you could juice it into cartons and sell it. Her tits have got that perfect Caribbean girth that could keep whole villages warm. Imagine them oiled up and shining like a beacon in the middle of the sea… you bet, the HMS Cockload would steer right at it. When Nicki opens up that mouth wide and smiley to sing, accept awards, or pose for pictures, can’t you just imagine the inches upon inches of veiny baby arm disappearing down that hole? We don’t want to explode your balls too much, but just think about how that ass could bounce on a boner…
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