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I was drunk :). Huge cumshot!!! then I play with a cucumber :)

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966 135 views
93% 2925 207
De:  selena22 - 29 Vidéos  28109
Catégories:  Amateur, Ados, Gonzo , HD +
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Added on: 1 month ago
Featured on: 1 month ago
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Top Commentaires
  • Membre Vérifié
    selena22 2 months ago
    Hahaha I was very drunk, i'm a little embarrassed. I hope you guys liked the ball sucking and big cumshot though :). Also I noticed I missed shaving some hairs right on my ass lol.. I think the quality of this video is much better. Plz click the thumbs up if you liked it!
  • Membre Vérifié
    Pete_Pebble 2 months ago
    Selena. You are officially my favorite pornstar! Amateur or professional.. I have nutted more times to your videos than any other! My cock can't thank you enough! :) -Pete
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  • Tina_S 1 month ago
    Mmmm...I LOVE sucking on a guy's balls (prefer them to be shaved - who wants a mouth full of hair?) while I'm jerking him off...suck one into my mouth and pull until it "POPS" out...then do it over and over again :-) I love to watch him shoot cum all over me (he can even cum on my face if he can keep it out of my hair)... but I would have finished him off myself instead of letting him do it...I do all the work...I want to be the one to finish it too. Great cumshot and GREAT video!
    • hotfun75 3 days ago
      if you ever need a 'victim'..i m Always willing to sacrifice myself :-)
    • brvolt 2 weeks ago
      that sounds amazing tina!
  • Cadwizard 1 month ago
    That is, without a doubt, one of the hottest videos on PH.
  • hardwould 1 month ago
    smokin hot body
  • wowzer88 1 month ago
    selena, do you and your boyfriend do anal? JUst curious? many thanks x x
  • Membre Vérifié
    sexinthestax 1 month ago
    SO very hot....we can't get enough!
  • harley3012 1 month ago
    That was sooo hot! when he shot his load on your pretty face I almost shot mine. Keep them coming.
  • spadecheddar 1 month ago
    hottest female on this site by far
  • rayray1972 1 month ago
    awesome vid wish that was me
  • samzee313 1 month ago
    i want to fuck u so bad
  • olsoooon 1 month ago
    outstanding video, i love when my girl is drunk, she is so horny and naughty after alcohol :)
  • princepapi 1 month ago
    The guy is fucking lucky, i wish you would suck my balls like that , i would drown you in my cum :3
  • xxxkalel 1 month ago
    Ahhh, forearm cramp! lol j/k Awesome video! I loved it! Get drunk more often :)
  • Omar_King_87 1 month ago
    You're amazing!!! Keep making videos like this please! no dick.... just cucumbers and other toys! Big fetish for that!
    • Omar_King_87 1 month ago
      I'm into guys.... I'm not gay, but im used to always seeing one guy and one girl way too often, its boring. Solo girl is different and they can use whatever they want, not always a guy! It's great
    • Membre Vérifié
      selena22 1 month ago
      But I like dick :D. I went to your page and it says you're into guys, why wouldn't you want that? haha
  • mickel99 1 month ago
  • Olav74 1 month ago
    you make me cum, a lot!
  • mkkforte 1 month ago
    u r very hot ... keep doing videos :*
  • FunTimeFrankie 1 month ago
    What a great video. You're a great cock sucker Selena! x
  • longshot6979 1 month ago
    very hot girl but stopped watching after the cum shot lol, the rest is a bit odd for me
  • garotukz 1 month ago
    She looks very hot)))
  • smiddie73 1 month ago
    oh baby. i love the way you do it in this video. one minute of your video and my dick is so hard and my wish is to meet you when you are drunk and horny.
  • Membre Vérifié
    mexicano1974 2 months ago
    He is so lucky you look up at him with those amazing eyes. And you have a fantastic sexual appetite. It was great after the blow job too. Another great video thanks for the drunk share
  • fullmetaljon 2 months ago
    Thanks for the video share! Looking sexy as always! Came to check up. Leaving with a hard on
  • Membre Vérifié
    Mrbone 2 months ago
    nice work with the cucumber, so hot! and nice load on the face as always!
  • thetrain1983 2 months ago
    I love it, its my favorite. Awesome job :-)
  • Membre Vérifié
    Ty757 2 months ago
    just have to say out of all these women on this site selena is by far one of my top 2 women up here that i find absolutely phenomenal and completely irresistible!!!
  • MrCurious 2 months ago
    One of your best cumshots in my opinion :)
  • icarus702 2 months ago
    So hot!!!, Thanks for sharing Selena!!(;
  • OzTheWizardOfPorn 2 months ago
    Jesus... Selena you are the bomb! Seriously! I will call you the queen of porn hub!
    • Membre Vérifié
      selena22 2 months ago
      Thanks oz.. :P. It's nice to see one of your glorious comments on my video, lol
  • lovestoeatu69 2 months ago
    i love it
  • Membre Vérifié
    Tedso 2 months ago
    so nice cum and blowjob! Well done, Selena!
  • Membre Vérifié
    Horney198922 2 months ago
    Awesome video, you are very talented, you got me hard just by the way you took your clothes off. You definitely know how to please a man. Can't wait to see more of your videos. Awesome work :)
  • Billsfan69 2 months ago
    that was great ... i'm loving listening to your wet pussy take that cucumber, stroking my hard cock as you work it against you ... moaning ... oh my ... yes
  • crick915 2 months ago
    english cucumber, they are the best lol
  • Almost_8 2 months ago
    Another great video. :) You are doing better about looking into the camera. Keep up the great work!
  • MrThick123 2 months ago
    so fucking hot Selena
  • Hardwoodfloor 2 months ago
    I wish you would suck my balls.
  • jackdaman118 2 months ago
    fuck, you have such a sexy body!
  • packeras 2 months ago
    Lovely Selena!!! the quality of this video is much better and the sound too!! Up selena22!!
    • Membre Vérifié
      selena22 2 months ago
      thanks! i'm hoping i can do this for every video
  • Membre Vérifié
    70sTransAm 2 months ago
    This is incredible! What really makes it are the incredible eye contact, the monumental load (hats off to your bf on that one,) and your casually letting it drip out of your mouth at the end.
    The quality of this is absolutely great. If this is you drunk, then I proscribe a pint before every shoot!
    • Membre Vérifié
      selena22 2 months ago
      I would, but i work early most of the time :P
  • KittyKatKatia 2 months ago
    great video, whoes doing the camera work?
  • ruyblas 2 months ago
    Bonjour, Selena22. Superbe, ta dernière vidéo, toi surtout, comme toujours. As-tu avalé un peu de sperme ou as-tu tout recraché? As-tu aimé le goût? Hum, te voir en avaler une bonne lampée! Tu as un bien belle langue, assez grande, à cde que je vois. L'as tu essayée sur une fille? Au plaisir de te revoir.
  • cernatis 2 months ago
    hello selena great video ans don't worry it doesn't matter if you are drunk and if you missed some hairs. don't be embarrassed it's a great video and a great moment thank you
  • Hot_Damn 2 months ago
    i want more!
  • DDbabe 2 months ago
    I always love the huge facials your boyfriend gives you and you just take them without flinching!
  • MrNiceGuy07 2 months ago
    You should get DRUNK more often lol.. LOVED IT!!
  • sizzlehawk 2 months ago
    I cant stop watching your videos. Keep it up. My cock needs more
  • theGixxer600 2 months ago
    I wish you would have shown you cummin g, instead of cutting that part out :( other than that, very hot!
  • A693 2 months ago
    I think think this is your best video so far. Please keep them coming you're awesome.
  • Membre Vérifié
    Ty757 2 months ago
    ...i think im in love with selena.. i mean her beauty just has me at a lost for words...i.. im speechlees to both the video and her im mean.... perfection!!!
  • Membre Vérifié
    schweinsteiger80 2 months ago
    Exquisite, such a perfect shot. And I love your sucking his cock afterwards and letting it drip out of your sweet mouth! :)
  • Dirty_deed 2 months ago
    I fucking love the top you're wearing. Very flattering to your figure :) x
  • spanky8820 2 months ago
  • tully69 2 months ago
    Another great video, wish that ws my dick you were sucking!
  • Membre Vérifié
    nazguhl76 2 months ago
    wow wow wow super hot and sexy
  • MattyCums 2 months ago
    This video is great. I love the huge cumshot and the sounds of the solo. Your pussy looks so tight and I would love to trade places with that cucumber.
  • jesco6 2 months ago
    Best video yet sexy!! Love the closeup of it going in and out, please make more vids of you with your cucumber or toys, they are the absolute best!!
  • fabiohiggins 2 months ago
    why this ending? i would like to see your face during the orgasm! dispite this, nice video!
    • Membre Vérifié
      selena22 2 months ago
      shy. i usually cut it out. but thanks :)
  • HeeroG 2 months ago
    Loved The solo Part! Selena you're awesome! Getting better each day!
  • wolfe84 2 months ago
    I love it. i think a lot of man are dreaming to be with you.
  • blowinloads 2 months ago
    i would love to make that little pussy cream all over my cock
  • Membre Vérifié
    PoKoDo 2 months ago
    Haha, when you first start looking at it, your couch looks like the one from 'Backroom Casting Couch' ;) And Oh my god! This video was super hot! I can only dream about having a girl like you! The way you enjoy sucking your man's cock, the look on your face... You are just gorgeous in every single way! I wish you were my gf...
    You are like my dream girl!
    PS I don't think anyone noticed the few hairs and as far as I am concerned, the camera quality is outstanding!
    • Membre Vérifié
      PoKoDo 2 months ago
      Haha, I doubt it Selena! ;) I didn't notice untill you said so and even then! I still don't care one bit! ;) Mm, can't really suggest a program for the editing movies, not that experienced with that!
      Damn it, why can't I find a girl like you all for myself! ;)
    • Membre Vérifié
      selena22 2 months ago
      Thanks :). And lol they'll notice it! I like the new quality also, i think I just need a new program to edit the movies
  • yoyaspussy 2 months ago
    very hot .. that guy of yours sure shoots one massive load on your face... Do you like anal?
    • Membre Vérifié
      selena22 2 months ago
      Hate anal! lol. I'll do a new anal video soon though
  • Membre Vérifié
    zoegas 2 months ago
    this was sexy we love a perfekt video
  • thisguy123abc 2 months ago
    A++ sexy as hell
  • _wowzer_ 2 months ago
    selena ur asshole is nice and tight.....give us some anal action babe!!!1
    • _wowzer_ 2 months ago
      a nice toy would do too...i just wanna see ur pussy juice dripping all the way down ur asshole
    • _wowzer_ 2 months ago
      hmmmm...maybe ll come hold the ur asshole is amazing babe
    • Membre Vérifié
      selena22 2 months ago
      It'd be hard to have my bfs dick in that way though, he has to hold the camera. but i could use a toy for that angle?
    • _wowzer_ 2 months ago
      ohhh nice...that same angle babe,....looked so delicious....just needed some stretching
    • Membre Vérifié
      selena22 2 months ago
      I will soon
  • lygraf 2 months ago
    Very sexy eyes.
  • Hornychrille 2 months ago
    That was one hot cumshot. Ur so hot playing with the cum baby ;) thumbs up from me
  • Membre Vérifié
    selena22 2 months ago
    Hahaha I was very drunk, i'm a little embarrassed. I hope you guys liked the ball sucking and big cumshot though :). Also I noticed I missed shaving some hairs right on my ass lol.. I think the quality of this video is much better. Plz click the thumbs up if you liked it!
    • bobhaylops 3 weeks ago
      don't worry -- you're perfect
    • diablero888 1 month ago
      you will to get drunk more often if you such videos ahahaha i love it!
    • inprov24 1 month ago
      id pluck hairs out of your ass with me teeth
    • mon231 1 month ago
      so high def
    • captaingator 1 month ago
      don't be embarrassed about enjoying sex… even if your drinking…
    • firechels 1 month ago
      OMG Selena, this video is making me cummmmm! it's awesome!
    • tginpc 1 month ago
      OMG baby... you made me cum so hard... Watching you made me so hard... I came in like 3 minutes....
    • giorge 1 month ago
      u so sexy baby like u in real
    • tginpc 1 month ago
      You did an amazing job... Keep doing it...~~~ ~tim
    • Etalon-87 2 months ago
      it's amazing
    • MrNiceGuy07 2 months ago
      Best video yet!!
    • jasonguyperson 2 months ago
      That was seriously the best ball-suckin' blowjob I've ever seen. You're so fucking into it, its so good..
    • browning6 2 months ago
      look so horny when your drunk....remind me of my girlfriend lol
    • Membre Vérifié
      Princealbert99 2 months ago
      Too busy looking at your sweet little pussy to notice anything else. Great job!
    • jackson2016 2 months ago
      that is a really good video nice job
  • Membre Vérifié
    aron_power95 2 months ago
    love how you suck your bfs dick and balls!!
    and i want to see more videos of you play with your sweet pussy! this is awesome. very sexy ;*
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