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La video de sexe de Montana Fishburne

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Stars du porno:  Montana Fishburne + Proposer
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  • Montana Fishburne
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  • Célébrité
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Production:  professional + Proposer
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  • Ass
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  • Tattoo
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4 years ago
This bitch could have done anything else in the world ANYTHING at all and she chooses to become a pornstar -_-
11 months ago
Everyone's a porn star. But not everyone get's paid for it.
1 year ago
Says the guy who just presumably got done furiously masturbating to her. Can you even hear me up on your high horse?
1893 videos watched
That's how many videos it says you've watched on this account. Oh yeah, you're in SUCH a great position to judge her.
1 year ago
I seriously love all the people here, visiting a porn site, who are judging this person for making porn. That's like going to a steakhouse, enjoying a delicious steak, and then criticizing the chef for cooking meat.
2 months ago
I love it when people write comments about other people's comments and don't check their grammar.
1 year ago
I love it when people construct analogies that have nothing to do with the point their trying to make. I myself watch porn knowing the industry is based on exploitation - that most of these girls turn to it out of desperation - needing money - whether it's fueled by drugs or not, I doubt her choice was made with a clear head. Let's not pretend people with viable options choose porn. The celebrity connection draws undeserved attention, but it's a shitty lifestyle choice especially for women.
2 years ago
Somewhere along the way, he lost control of her. To have money and STILL do porn, low budget porn at that? Its the worst of both worldas! No one will ever take her seriously NOW - she could have rode his coattails and been famous by association - nobody would hold that against her, so many have done it. Must be drugs...what else? She thought Brian Pumper was handsome? This is a very misguided move if she thought it would make her the next Kim Kardashian.
10 months ago
her father must be proud of her
1 year ago
The first thing i think when i watch this is 'But Lawrence fishburn was such a good dad in boyz in the hood??'

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