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Squirt compilation

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7 750 807 views
92% 8233 715
De:  Unknown
Stars du porno:  Belladonna , Cytheria +
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Added on: 2 years ago
Featured on: 2 years ago
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Top Commentaires
  • XRatedEinstein 1 year ago
    I like real squirting, but drinking out the glasses like that is gross bullshit. Porn always turns to freakshow stunts, dammit!
  • XRatedEinstein 1 year ago
    Cytherea is badass little hot bitch! She and Tiana made the Squirt genre what it is today. If shes retired and a mommy, I hope shes happy and not suffering from her porn past.
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  • tupapiamador 10 months ago
  • prettybrowneyez69 10 months ago
    Im n luv
  • nbksk 10 months ago
    needs more girl on girl clips
  • Mr110PCNT 10 months ago
    if she came like that on my dick she would prob start to feel my dick in her chest
  • lion67 11 months ago
    i do it all the time that when i fuck the girl reall hard..they love it and asks me for more..
  • jiemingcheng 11 months ago
  • XRatedEinstein 1 year ago
    Cytherea is badass little hot bitch! She and Tiana made the Squirt genre what it is today. If shes retired and a mommy, I hope shes happy and not suffering from her porn past.
  • XRatedEinstein 1 year ago
    I like real squirting, but drinking out the glasses like that is gross bullshit. Porn always turns to freakshow stunts, dammit!
    • Tato_Crazy 2 months ago
      I agree
    • Jeffrayfray 7 months ago
      I threw up in my mouth a little. That's god damn disgusting.
    • XRatedEinstein 8 months ago
      The scene with Belladonna and Cytherea was damn hot! Cytherea is one that seems to be having genuine orgasmic releases - if that's acting , I'll take it! The line up of women in that series...that's fake - but what I'm really talking about is the need to play with it - the gathering in a glass and ingestion of it.
    • xoxl 9 months ago
      I totally agree this is just a kinky ass piss film no REAL squirting involved just bitches screaming while they piss in a pathetic excuse to make it seem as if they where having an orgasm ha
    • xhot4ux 1 year ago
      BUT it was s0 HOT
  • patrickshowy 1 year ago
    q buana paja
  • MarkSurvivor 1 year ago
    como se llama el videos del min. 2:42 al 3?
    it is called the min videos. 2:42 to 3?
  • Blowmydick83 1 year ago
    add me or skype me nick.bails1
  • jaiden138 1 year ago
    i want to squirt like this ! :) someone help
  • mcbuddy 1 year ago
    It's real folks. My girlfriend squirts and um, it doesn't taste like piss. Look up female ejaculation on wikipedia.
  • ecembrew 1 year ago
    its not piss because it does not come out of the clitoris like urine does
    • PlayinNYC 6 months ago
      While you are correct in stating it is not urine, I would gently advise you that NOTHING comes out of the clitoris as it is not an orifice. See my reply to the comment below yours.
      As a woman, and I'm sure others women here will agree, these types of comments are simply not good news when in comes to the rubric of "Men understanding the female anatomy"!
      All the best!
  • ballslap 1 year ago
    My girlfriend squirts 4 times a day. Right into the toilet, because it's just piss, and you're retarded if you think it's cum.
    • PlayinNYC 6 months ago
      Might I suggest you Google "Skene's Glands", an effort that although might not assist you in meeting one of the 5 to 10% of all women who squirt, will certainly help you familiarize yourself with the female anatomy! You will find that women will appreciate the effort in doing so, and afford you (even at your young age) a far richer sex life. All the best in your quest for knowledge! :)
  • EgyCock 1 year ago
    any1 wanna squirt on me ?
  • passion-wifey 1 year ago
    its true....i squirt like that if get big and strong can try that ...
  • coacht 1 year ago
    girls is this real or fake...i gotta know? i understand some of it is fake but or some real?
  • killjoy2727 1 year ago
    Making films. hit me up. full professional production can make tons of money.
  • mr_trololo 1 year ago
    i ABSOLUTELY have to know girl's name from 0:50, or at least film' title. Anyone, please.
  • ilyas2643 1 year ago
    Add your nipples bitten ladies who enjoy picking up jumping on my lap let's ...
  • horney_Mido 1 year ago
    sure I like it It`s very sexy and make me wanna fuck more than before show it
  • maxgenny34 1 year ago
    If it's not creamy and oozing out then it's not squirt... all these crazy squirters are just pissing on people's faces
    • PlayinNYC 11 months ago
      Wrong actually. I've squirted ever since I remember Oozing or creamy relate to 2 different things. Squirting is clear, liquid that has noting to do with urine. It comes from the Skene's gland, can happen with our without orgasm (I prefer the latter but do both) and you might want to google Skene's gland to learn more. As a woman, I can tell you we really value men who know our anatomies intimately well! :)
  • Ahmad30 1 year ago
  • jackel2012 1 year ago
    id love to meet a squirter
  • BBCBrazil 1 year ago
    That is so fuck good squirt tape!
  • KmePlz 1 year ago
    want to make all the women wet like this ;) mmmm
  • Unknown
    Unknown 1 year ago
    786-286-5175 pics for pics?
  • MzTsunamiGrip 1 year ago
    dayum i squirt alot but not like that... she squirt really far....i love watching cytheria squirt
  • Unknown
    Unknown 1 year ago
    I love the way she just melts after she cums. She always makes me cum!
  • Unknown
    Unknown 2 years ago
    mmm who wants to squirt on me
  • hrnyhbby 2 years ago
    My ex was an East Indian girl that would cum almost non-stop during sex! She had nice "C" cup breasts with 1.5 inch nipples....loved having sex with her!!! When she got on top of me and rode me, I could feel her juices running down my balls and into my ass crack. We used to have sex 3 or 4 times a day, on the weekends we'd go for hours. I was too young to realize what I had and wanted to sow my wild oats and we never got back together!
  • Discretionarymale2 2 years ago
  • deepwaterdriver 2 years ago
    jst to let yall knw...they r all the same fuckn girl!!!
  • jayhawks2626 2 years ago
    2:00 haha damn she got hangtime
  • MrsGrisham 2 years ago
    Two of the clips that are in this video are the first two I seen of her. Ever since I seen the very first video with her in it (The threesome one with the mixed girl) I've been addicted to her. I love how she squirts but shes the only squirter I've seen whos legs go crazy after each time she squirts, mine don't even do that when I squirt! lol...
  • younghomie18 2 years ago
    damn this is some hot material you got here boy. nice vid
  • dddian 2 years ago
    yes please, I'm sure I would love to do this as I pull my clit to orgasm, if I could only find the girls to do so.
    xoxoxoxox Dian
  • Vic26 2 years ago
    Who is the blonde in the wine glass scene at 3:00?
  • tontsikki 2 years ago
    any1 wanna squirt on me ? ;)
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