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Hentai - Trio avec des rousses

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3 years ago
I saw this before. Can't recall the name but those three are all siblings.
8 months ago
It's Chikan Monotgatari i think
2 years ago
from "Chikan Monogatari" or "Legend of the Pervert"
1 year ago
Close. Quick Japanese lesson! Monogatari has dual meaning (type of Japanese Lit, or a story), while "Chikan" means (public molestation/person who commits the act of) The Literal translation is "Legend/Story of the Public Molester" if it were to be "Pervert/Lech" then "chikan" would have to be replaced with "Hentai" which has the literal translation of (Pervert/Lech) while "Ecchi (H)" is used to describe perverted, dirty, or lewd acts. @aglittergravy29
He was offering a translation, not guessin
2 years ago
Those are the same hentai
1 year ago
Probably the best thing about Hentai are the comments from the people. x'D
2 years ago
I do believe I like the japanese version more. This sounds so forced.
2 years ago
Rumia where did you pull that profile picture from, I must see more of that art style is lovely♥ :DD
1 year ago
damn dude
1 year ago
Nobs 4 Lyfe ;)
1 year ago
Dern sure
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