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Flame and Jeff Stryker

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Stars du porno:  Flame , Jeff Stryker + Proposer
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  • Flame
  • Jeff Stryker
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  • Grosses Bites
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  • Rousses
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  • Sodomie
Production:  professional + Proposer
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  • Professional
  • Homemade
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  • Redhead
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  • Blond
  • Big-dick
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  • Red-head
  • Small-tits
  • Blowjob
  • Hardcore
  • Fucking
  • Doggystyle
  • Cumshot
  • Facial
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3 years ago
The chick & video are HOT! I did enjoy the gasping cunt shot as he plumbed her ass. But, the audio actually trashes the whole thing. Not just because the dude is an uninspiring leche, but also because it degenerates into incoherence. I'd prefer the original audio shot with the scene. So, mute it, turn it down in case the mute fails; and, if you think there's any chance of it leaking out, put in industrial ear plugs!
3 years ago
Just mute the audio! This is a great classic performance. Flame is an unbelievably sexy redhead who sucks that big rod like a champ, and even takes up her creamy ass. She enthusiastically takes the ATM deposit on her beautiful face. A real redhead in real action. What's not to like?
2 years ago
amazingly large cock! wow
3 years ago
I agree with part of what "Itsybitsy" statement meaning the "talking in the film kills it make it unwantinging to watch"...So i turn the volume down. Beside the chick in that video wasnt hott she was so not cute enough lol...He needs a hotter women in that film.. None the less the video was okay just those two bad mistakes..I'm sure they'll have better ones online... lol
3 years ago
I dont even know how to respond to this. I had to mute it, good fucking but all the voices were just annoying.

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