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Asian Gets Fucked On Public Television

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11 376 708 views
87% 16379 2415
De:  Unknown
Stars du porno:  Rika Nagasawa +
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Added on: 4 years ago
Featured on: 4 years ago
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Top Commentaires
  • damitfeelsgoodtbag 10 months ago
    liberal news nowadays
  • Nightmarel 7 months ago
    Bad... that's forced sex, she dosen't like it! i wanna hear some orgasms from her and some smiles. she's not into it
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  • snow4fish 2 months ago
  • tasty1 2 months ago
    i thought it was good i like when they dont like it if anyone knows ant good videos message me
  • jazzguy711 2 months ago
    There are a few weather girls I'd like to do this with......
  • JakeTyler03 3 months ago
    What's the girls name
  • Membre Vérifié
    grahammiranda13 3 months ago
    This looks fake (according to me). There are a lot of such things on the web. Like Asian on the bus with the bus driver getting fucked while he's yet driving. Who expects us to believe that? What next? Asian Pilot getting fucked by the cabin-crew while the flights yet in the air? And to make things worse ETA 2 Minutes! Just saying
  • labite 3 months ago
    This gave me an extra inch at least on my jack and when it finished I had to go and wank
  • ANDREW2159 3 months ago
    fuck what the fuck
  • annagreek 5 months ago
    i dont like its fake :(
    but i would like to have that :P
  • jonnybur 5 months ago
    Wow I feel seriously sorry for her. It looks like they forced it on her. She would have probably lost her job had she resisted. Big thumbs down for this vid.
  • Nightmarel 7 months ago
    Bad... that's forced sex, she dosen't like it! i wanna hear some orgasms from her and some smiles. she's not into it
  • dannywebb255 1 year ago
    that ninja is not that sneaky...
  • thepeepers 2 years ago
    to watch this properly, open the video in 2 windows, one muted and one with the sound on. The sound video should be about 3.5 seconds behind the muted video, and you should be watching the muted one.

    It takes some tweaking, if you notice the lips move too soon, double-tap the play/pause button on the muted video until they match. if the sound comes too soon, double-tap in the sound video once or twice. (I'm usually high when i watch it so it helps to have it all written down like this.)
  • VivChen 2 years ago
    You guys should really check out Risa Tsukino, very pretty like this one! /view_video.php?viewkey=695900195
  • dioz 2 years ago
  • allbermy 2 years ago
    hot vid :) despite the vid lag, I thought the premis and the newscaster were hott
  • Unknown
    Unknown 2 years ago
    no way did they really get away with this on tv?
  • jeanplayz 2 years ago
    The facial expressions she makes are nice and her breathing is wonderful.
  • jeanplayz 2 years ago
    Asians that look like her turn me on. Shes thin, and has a nice face perfect. I like her eyes.
  • secretoazul 2 years ago
    this is a great vid i cum every time
  • DekaShun 2 years ago
    Ah, the cum on the Japanese news lady scenes...!
    Haha, thats Japan for u; Making awkwardness horny ^_^
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