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Wow!! Vintage reality porn!!

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2 years ago
I have the weirdest boner right now.
1 year ago
That's too funny, so do I.
5 years ago
I love these vintage clips...I don't usually masturbate to them, but they fascinate me (I guess because they combine the pervert side of my personality with the history geek side). Like luc05kay06, I think it's funny when people are shocked that our ancestors did all the same kinky things people do today. Some people seem to think that humanity only progressed beyond the missionary position within the last generation or two. Not so! Just because past generations of Western society may have been more reticent regarding public discussion of sex, doesn't mean they were any less wild in the privacy of their own bedrooms. In fact, I think private perversion is often directly correlated with public prudishness. Victorian England, for example, renowned for it's sexual repression, was a golden age for pornography and prostitution.
5 years ago
Seems that human sexuality, has been the same over the centuries... :)
5 years ago
That guy's pretty impressive--he's clearly past the prime of life (in other words OLD), and this was many decades before male pornstars could rely on viagra and editing tricks to make them look good--but he's well hung and sexually ravenous and gives quite a fucking. It makes me wonder about the actors in this and similar pornographic movies from the early days of film. Clearly the porn industry as we now know it did not exist--it was much more underground. So presumably these people had other careers outside of their involvement with porn. I wonder who this guy was and what he did for a living and whether any of his friends or family knew that he fucked on film.
6 years ago
this is old and nasty

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