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Drunk girl fucked on party

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5 746 711 views
89% 5525 624
De:  Unknown
Catégories:  Fête +
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Onglets:  party, drunk, hot, bedroom, doggy, blowjob
Added on: 5 years ago
Featured on: 3 years ago
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Top Commentaires
  • Twixxy 1 year ago
    Who would like to do that to me?
  • Bliink182 11 months ago
    She seems like she's so wasted that she barely knows what's going on.
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  • dallu4 3 months ago
    she doesn't know whats gong on.....
  • sexy_john 4 months ago
    Hello How are you doing All friends on my name is john Am looking for a nice lady And to be very kind to me and make sure i serve her good....And i am ready to relocate here is my mobile number(+2348053215901) or add me on skype:(johnsaik) Email
  • daham 4 months ago
    i want talk with twixxy can u
  • gtrdave8 4 months ago
    Ahh, Mardi Gras... Beautiful debauchery... That chick was wasted and horny!! Hot stuff,,,!!!
  • scopino 4 months ago
    If I'm drunk and I decide to drive a car I go to prison. I don't see how a drunk girl who decides to open her legs should be considered as if she hasn't done so willingly. I do not understand this "too drunk to consent" idea. Drunk people can still express their will.
  • YoImAlexa 5 months ago
    9 months later little baby is hereeeeeeeeeeeee
  • norefractoryperiod 7 months ago
    Man i feel kind of ashame when i see this vid, everyone in the states looks like that guy? because the fucker is kind of ripped and really big, why he wasnt a chubby guy with an average 11" ??? the girl is so horny! she is clearly high up on something
  • tonyrome201 7 months ago
    I was a bit concerned this might be sex without consent however, she took off her top, she took off her panties, she sucked that dick and kept shouting yes, yes, yes! At the end she says she came twice in a row! My concerns were unfounded,I think she enjoyed it.
    • weavermount 6 months ago
      THIS time it worked out. She was totally into it, and she was already in porn so posting a video didn't affect her reputation. IMO there is such a thing as too wasted to consent and this looks like that
  • wakeyman 7 months ago
    wow I wanna have a go with her she's hot
  • countrygirl6969 7 months ago
    he looks like he knows what hes doing haha
  • fivepointsevenfive 1 year ago
    C'mon, it's not rape you guys, she specifically says she wants to have sex with him.
  • pattrick001 1 year ago
    Rape......... sick fucks... this needs to be taken down.
  • Sweet_Girl89 1 year ago
    If this woman was on drugs like so many of these comments are vouching, then you people who are taking delight in this are disgusting. Someone at the beginning pulls her shirt down and she pulls it back up, showing her resistance. We don't know what happened in between that scene and the sex scene. She could have been drunk and then they drugged her. Either way, this was non-consensual sex; it's rape. She was on some sort of drug, and doesn't even know what was happening. You people
  • adamazing 1 year ago
    Shes totally on some ecstasy
  • DemonTordo 1 year ago
    She popped a Molly fo sho... just nice to have sex in that state
  • Membre Vérifié
    alwaysontimee 1 year ago
    she is rolling her tits off! lemme at that x'd up slut
  • Acelin 1 year ago
    Terrific screwing!
  • Jrose2552 1 year ago
    One of our favorite videos!
  • BDNick 1 year ago
    So fucking hot... she's rolling face and everyone is barred out. damn!!!!
  • Paul138138 1 year ago
    She is a hottie!! Honey if you want fucked properly, let me know!!
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