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Sydney Leathers - Weinergate

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550 592 views
36% 397 678
De:  officialvivid - 272 Vidéos  6079
Catégories:  Brunette, Célébrité, Striptease, HD +
Stars du porno:  +
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Added on: 8 months ago
Featured on: 8 months ago
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Top Commentaires
  • erostrek69 8 months ago
    Wiener has such a bad taste with girls, this one should have lost a few .. make that a lot more than a few .. pounds
  • alcatraz_55 8 months ago
    I think she's pretty attractive. Slutty, but attractive.
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  • flalurker 6 months ago
    This woman is a pig whore. Whatever relationship she had with him, it is undignified to publically air it and try to ruin the guy's life. I hope karma delivers to her bad fortune.
  • USMC_BBQ 7 months ago
  • Membre Vérifié
    Nympho_Male 8 months ago
    Oh please if she see what I can do with my cock I will be her strip tease
  • sbabe4 8 months ago
    This bitch really thinks she's relevant enough to make a sex tape...LOL...she's gonna blink & her 15 minutes -more like 15 seconds- will be over. Funny how she was making fun of Weiner now she's low enough to make a tape off his fame. Not surprising at all. She isn't cut out to be a porn star and will turn out a has-been lmao.
  • justaguy6 8 months ago
    While Weiner is not without fault in the whole scandal, the fact that she would lead him on, and then turn on him says more about her character than his. She will get her 15 minutes of fame and then become a has been. No man want's a female that runs her mouth all the time. She appears to be to lazy to get excited about sex.
  • topgunufs 8 months ago
    need to stick a dick in her mouth to shut her up.
  • pfeliciano 8 months ago
    i make love to her any day
  • Membre Vérifié
    internmadeline 8 months ago
    fuck yeah, GET PAID GIRL!
  • strapmewi 8 months ago
    What a shock - this mildly attractive girl strikes up a sexting relationship with someone 'famous' and then does a sex tape once SHE reveals the "relationship" in an act that only serves one purpose - attention and "fame" for her.
    I guess when she's had her 15 min - she can go back to working at the 'jewelry counter' at Walmart, she's a "10" there! Either that or a bukkake video so at least that face will be covered with something...
  • morsequence 8 months ago
    hardcore or gtfo
  • redline502 8 months ago
    Well that escalated quickly.
  • MidnightDiva 8 months ago
    I think she looks like a discarded dog. Her boobs are like...a 2 at best and something is wrong with her mouth. Plus, she's a shithead so yeah, bitch, go home.
  • tacticalnene 8 months ago
    Put your fuckin 15 minutes in the basket.
  • alcatraz_55 8 months ago
    I think she's pretty attractive. Slutty, but attractive.
    • jake3_14 8 months ago
      Why do you make those two sound mutually exclusive? ;-)
  • jparody 8 months ago
    So, when's she doing hardcore?
  • Membre Vérifié
    joejoebobo 8 months ago
    this is freaking terrible.... i dont even want to see the whole thing...
  • Wakked 8 months ago
    She's pretty proud of herself isn't she?
  • erostrek69 8 months ago
    Wiener has such a bad taste with girls, this one should have lost a few .. make that a lot more than a few .. pounds
    • bbc89 4 months ago
      oh please,she's not even fat. she may not be exactly fit,but that doesn't mean she's fat. if anything she's just average looking.
    • verrgon 7 months ago
      His wife is way fucking hotter
    • tricekillers 8 months ago
      man, shes hot, you see those thick thighs...shes begging to be fucked.
  • Skitel1 8 months ago
    Despicable how she actually enjoys and brags about leeching off other people.
  • bigboipa 8 months ago
    She needs a taste of my weiner!
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