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Etudiante replète veut un A en classe de maths

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Stars du porno:  Amber Peach + Proposer
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  • Amber Peach
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Production:  professional + Proposer
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2 years ago
I would rather do my maths teacher than him
1 year ago
Somehow though, I think the scene is so popular exactly because its this guy fucking her.
Personally I find a scene really hot if somehow the fucking feels natural and not acted. In this scene its a real good match. You really feel that the guy is a schoolteacher and the girl his student (even though she isnt)
I really wouldnt be attracted to this scene at all if the guy fucking her was some young typical porn actor. Even if he fucks her better.
I cant explain it.
1 year ago
She's not even that chubby
2 months ago
she's chubby
1 year ago
She has the perfect amount of chub. Something about the way she looks, that come fuck me gaze. I've been watching this videos for about 5 years. One of my favorite go to vids!
11 months ago
She looks a lot like my nephew's wife. Blonde, a little chubby with nice tits and those "come hither" eyes. I have always lusted after her.
1 year ago
dude ruined the video god damn
1 year ago
How the fuck did he get so lucky?!
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