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Cheating wife gets busted while fucking with her friend

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3 842 275 views
88% 3614 475
De:  RealSexScandals - 10 Vidéos  291
Catégories:  Amateur, Hard, Réalité +
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Added on: 6 years ago
Featured on: 6 years ago
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Top Commentaires
  • Paul138138 11 months ago
    this is so fucking fake!!
  • kbizzd 1 year ago
    after like 3 years i found another vid of this chick accidentally haha with the same dude im pretty sure
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  • grahampros 1 month ago
    these "caught" videos are funny.. you don't tape yourself if you're trying to hide something.
  • chrismichelle 2 months ago
    This is like up there of 1 of the most funniest and fake sex videos in this world.
  • bigmike088 3 months ago
    this is fake,there more videos of her fucking this same guy.
  • sparehead2 3 months ago
    getting caught isn't a good thing but getting away is cheat but don't lose sight on ur man or woman at home some can handle it and others are lousy at it lol
  • sparehead2 5 months ago
    she should have cooked dinner clean the house and went out and look for a job because while doing that it is call cover up LMFAO that wife was really fucking stupid and her families will know through a video tape and his lawyer dam she's a fucking fat idiot
  • screwfix 3 years ago
    This woman has FANTASTIC curves
  • ohnoes 4 years ago
    thats not lisa sparxx, but his video does have its moments that look fake, if it is, good acting on her part
  • sticks1990 4 years ago
    this isnt lisa sparxx, this is real as far as i can tell, shes not looking at the camera and smiling, she's starting to have a panic attack. any1 who smiles like that probably has down syndrome. this is hilarious tho, with all the cheating men getting caught lately this is a nice change. I admire how he handled the situation and will use this in the future for more laughs lol
  • xXxOSIRISxXx 4 years ago
    im gonna show that hot lil cousin of yours lmfao
  • ZenUK12 4 years ago
    Lol - Excellent :P
  • dcempire2 4 years ago
    i knew it. i just f-ing knew something was going on. lol
  • Deamoness 4 years ago
    fake and gay!
  • Unknown
    Unknown 4 years ago
    that guy is sooo hot
  • uncircumdommed 4 years ago
    The moment they were caught, she turned and looked to the camera twice and even laughed with covering cloth on the face. Its fake.
  • filipinoy 4 years ago
    his like oh sht your heavy but ill fuck that!!! get at me:)
  • pauluk121 4 years ago
    Fake,, but still funny!
  • smbc2000 4 years ago
    i think its fake.... nothing to eat in the fridge? beds aren't made? dogs didn't give it away? first thing he says is this shit is going on the internet?.... and most of all... MOST of all.... pause the video at 05:28 and tell me what shes looking at.... the camera... "actually no you should stay... cuz this going on the internet" "no baby..." "oh ya.." lol FAKE ASS SHIT!
  • KingLeland850 4 years ago
    the dogs didn't give it away?
  • BigDaddy319 4 years ago
    I would have fucked her to while he was gone. Apparently he wasn't doing something right
  • richrad 4 years ago
    first thing he says, this shit is goin on the internet
    is that really the first thing that really comes to his fucking mind.
  • Muddfoot 4 years ago
    i love these video
  • Mannix 4 years ago
    haha, no beds get made, no food in the fridge and mr limp dick over there hahahahah.. pitty it wasnt real! would have been awesome lol..
  • BigDickDaddy116 4 years ago
    that shyt was so fake
    she a bad actor
    but tha tits r nice tho
    i mean ahh id fucK
  • steve-n101 4 years ago
  • N8ive21 4 years ago
    lol thers nothing to eat in the fridge. this is bullshit! lol
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