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taping my sister and her friend getting it on

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Ajouté sur: 7 years ago
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4 years ago
Thumbs up! Great video, it really makes me wanna try it with another woman-- and my BF wants to watch! We really enjoyed it... AFTER we quit laughing about "Lynn / TommyTommy" having 40-leven sisters, 30-odd cousins, a dozen or so brothers and the the occasional aunt or mom who are all famous porn stars gleefully involved in wanton acts of incest. We wonder, TomTom: Who held the three cameras used in this vid, the boom mic, who shoots the stills (we hear the still cam motordrive and see the strobe flash in some of "sissy's" vids), who does the lighting, and who does post-production? Who distributes them on DVD and other sites months or years before you post them here? Sheesh. Quite the family business you and your kinfolk operate. LOL Whatever, dude. Re-title them in any way that gets your rocks off; you seem to have a knack for finding and uploading some good stuff, so more power to ya. ~ Koko and Kurt.
2 years ago
Koko27 can I watch too?
10 months ago
slightly better quality here
7 years ago
love lesbian vids cuz it's all about pleasing the woman! none of that "Oh, the man came, end of shot!" bullshit. A woman orgasming is the most beautiful sight in the world
2 years ago
yeah that dose tend to get annoying, especially in the ones where the males grunting like a god damn ape throughout it all.
1 year ago
I don't give a crap WHO they really are - the point is, they're two extremely SEXY ladies :)
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