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Sasha Grey
Classement Star du Porno
What do you get when you cross a cool, hip, artsy city girl who writes, acts and snaps stark black and white photography, with the dirtiest, filthiest, horniest, anything-goes in any of my holes fuck monster? The one and only Sasha Grey. Whether you remember her getting gang-banged by a bunch of big black monster cocks right after her 18th birthday, or as a recurring mainstream actress roleplaying herself in HBO’s hit Hollywood show, "Entourage", Sasha is a force to be talked about and jerked off around for everyone. What’s surprising about Sasha is the way she is, at the same time, one of porn’s best examples of a star and an outsider to the smutty world of Porn Valley. One hundred per cent natural, no boob jobs, tats or piercings… just a darling face with a trace of vixen and perfect little body that can handle the pounding of a lifetime. She is the perfect angel and whore cocktail. Nowadays she dabbles also in music and even activism. She is a contemporary pop icon no doubt, but we here at Pornhub like to remember our roots. This girl’s roots lie in eye-dropping and ball-draining performances of the highest caliber. Her whole body jerks and sweats like a horny machine that never stops, defying every law of physical possibility, and giving one hundred per cent of her horny energy to the dudes and babes she bangs, the cameras she works it for, and the adoring fans whose minds she helps corrupt.
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Naissance: 1988-03-14
Lieu de naissance: Sacramento, California, United States
Hauteur: 5 ft 6 in (168 cm)
Poids: 110 lbs (50 kg)

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