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Seth Gamble
Seth Gamble
Let’s face it. You love watching your chicks get banged so hard they can’t sit down after a good day on set, but sometimes you want something a little more realistic and a little further away from fantasy. So, if you’re not an impossibly huge Black hunk with booming pecs and a 20-inch anaconda, you probably want to sometimes see our boy Seth Gamble take the helm and sort these ladies out. Now, it’s not that Seth ain’t packin’ some sweet heat in his pants that will split the ladies wide open, because his junk does have some impressive inches and girth to get the job done. The thing is, Seth is just an average dude you’d grab a pint and watch the game with, and he’d be able to give you some pointers on picking up and scoring… and how to instantly soak that special lady’s panties. Chicks can’t help but get extremely wet and wild when they get a load of Seth’s long hair and dreamy, distant gaze. He can act in some serious sweet erotic lovemaking like Mile High’s “The Art Of Romance” series, or he can easily just get hardcore gonzo on some bitch’s ass like in Evil Angel’s “Ass Party” series. He even does comedy porn and is a favorite in all the XXX parodies. This all-American team captain is your ticket to transporting your boner into the scene and helping your favorite sluts and whores get that orgasmic dick-feeding they so badly crave.
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Naissance: 1987-02-08
Lieu de naissance: United States
Hauteur: 5 ft 11 in (180 cm)
Poids: 161 lbs (73 kg)
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